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Width of dropdown lists


Over the weekend I edited my medical list eliminating things like orthodentist and MANY xkm @ x¢/kms as this is now addressed in the medical travel area.

I found it problematic that the column width varies based on its content. On several occasions I was unable to access the red x to delete an item. I had to scroll up or down to a wider portion of the column to access the x.

Also, with the varying column widths, I had to keep moving my mouse to the new location to scroll up or down which slowed down the editing.

If memory serves, I believe in Profile we had a way to open a text file of the applicable list, edit as needed and save it back to the software. Is that an option in Trilogy? If so, where would I find these files?

If not, may I suggest the red x to delete be on the left side of the column and the bar to scroll, perhaps also be moved to that side so width becomes irrelevant.





It would be nice to be able to share this on a network for all users rather than have it linked to every computer individually