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T2 Auto-fill Error -- ERR.73


Just tried to use T2 Auto-fill and after logging in with CRA and confirming the Business Number, I get:

You have multiple authorizations for the SIN or BN entered.

You will only be able to obtain tax information if you Log in to Represent a Client.

Anyone else encounter this?



Yes, I had that on one client. I didn’t investigate further but being a new client to our firm, I assume the previous accountant is still authorized. Why this prevents AFR, I’m not sure.


Hi Andrew,
I do not think it is a problem that other people have been authorized in the past.
If that would be the case access the customer CRA account and delete old authorizations (with the customer consent)
In my case, I had one customer registered in my individual CRA account and again with my business CRA account and in order to get the Autofill my return work I cancelled one of the authorizations.