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Scanner suggestions


We have just moved to Taxcycle, having used Profile previously. Right now we are scanning everything with a multi-function machine (scanner, printer, copier) but are looking at purchasing a desktop scanner for scanning slips for T1s - can they handle different size slips (i.e. medical receipts). I am looking at recommendations from other users before we purchase something.


Scansnap on every desk


We use the kodak scanmate i1150 is the newer version to what we have and it has done us well


Big fan of Fujitsu fi-7160. Twain & super fast.


You have to realize that scanners are areas which you will get what you pay for.

The ScanSnap line is a low cost option, but lacks (for the most part) TWAIN drivers allowing you to also use the scanner with CaseWare, KoFax, or other useful software packages. They are easy to set up, but you may find yourself using a number of workarounds to get them to work your packages. (DoxCycle does have a workaround for ScanSnap.)

The next level is actual document scanners. These are designed for speed, jam protection, ultrasonic duplicate page detection, etc… Add on modules include post-scan imprinter which is useful to check your page counts and ensure that pages are not rescanned.

Fujitsu is the (current) name brand to beat here.

I would suggest that you budget a minimum of $650 per desk for hardware. You would be better served to budget $1,300 per desk.


Fujitsu ix-500 is what I use at my office in New Brunswick and in Newfoundland. Best scanner I used so far. It is about $600 to purchase. I am very happy with it.


We are moving away from scansnap scanners since they do not have twain. I prefer the Fijitsu scanners with twain that have a scansnap mode to get the best of both worlds