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Doxcycle Folder


Could the settings in Doxcycle be updated to allow us to save files for 2018 now? I have been receiving 2018 documents for a couple of months already.


That would be nice.

I would still like to see a start screen similar to Taxcycle to allow access to a specific Doxcycle year with a one click option.


Realized that perhaps I wasn’t specific enough.

I am creating 2018 T1 Doxcycle files, but the default folder for saving is in the 2017 location. There is no setting to save into a 2018 folder, so I have to manually route to the 2018 folder. Otherwise, my 2017 folder becomes a mashup of 17 and 18 files.

And, given that this is Windows with hard coded file paths in the Taxcycle file, I can’t move the file to the correct spot now.


It would be nice if DoxCycle was updated at the same time as TaxCycle is updated for the following year.